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Terms and Conditions

It is’s responsibility to deliver unused and valid USA region gift card(s) to our customer(s) in digital format and help the customer(s) instruction on how to redeem it if requested by customer(s). We do not take any responsibility if the customer(s) are not able to redeem their code due to their playstore settings, android version, version of mobile phone used, condition of customers email account (whether adsense or developer mode is enabled) etc. as those are out of our control. So, there will be no refund or replacement for gift card codes once issued. Customer must take own risk while ordering gift card. Thus,  customer should only place an order if they agree to these terms & conditions.

Return policy

Item cannot be returned

This item cannot be returned. All sales are final.

Any issue with the code, please contact support directly. We only sale gift card code bought from legit store in USA.

Moreover, any complain pertaining to digital product, customer must notify Nepal Gift Card within 5 days of purchase. After 5 days, Nepal Gift Card do not take any responsibility nor take any action. No refund will be issued. Thank you.


If you want instant digital code, please complete KYC verification process. Once KYC verification is completed, we will send you digital code. If you still did not receive your code, please call us using "WhatsApp". Thank you.